Former Pimco Chief Executive Officer Douglas Hodge, now in prison after paying bribes in the U.S. college-admissions scandal, has been released from solitary confinement, his lawyer said.

“Mr. Hodge’s stay in solitary quarantine was repeatedly extended and he ultimately spent 29 days in those circumstances,” Hodge’s lawyer, Joan McPhee, said in a statement Wednesday. “He was released from solitary quarantine on July 22.”

Hodge, 62, is serving nine months behind bars after admitting he paid $850,000 in bribes to get four of his kids into the University of Southern California and Georgetown University as phony soccer and tennis recruits, part of a sprawling case in which three dozen parents have been charged.

Hodge surrendered to federal prison in Otisville, New York, on June 23, and his lawyers say he was placed in a solitary confinement because the Covid-19 outbreak requires new arrivals to be quarantined for two weeks. On Monday, he asked a judge to grant him early release, citing the risk from the pandemic and his “punitive” stint in prison. The judge hasn’t yet ruled.

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.