Once again, the TD Ameritrade Institutional National LINC conference had lots of great information to help registered investment advisors and their businesses.

The following 10 pieces of advice can help RIAs in the future:

Be Ready For The Future

Tom Nally, president at TD Ameritrade Institutional, kicked off the first conference with a powerful address to the attendees. He concluded, “Lead with purpose and the future is yours.”

Then a young actress did an amazing job reminding us that the future might just be closer than we think.

Do Not Be Arrogant

Ric Edelman, executive chairman of Edelman Financial Services, sat on a fintech keynote that addressed innovation, and the next generation of financial services. Related to technology advancements, he said, “There is no way we can build it ourselves.”

His most powerful line came when discussing cryptocurrency and future disruption from exponential technologies, as many advisors avoid recommending investments like Bitcoin, simply because they do not understand them. “We need to get past our own arrogance,” stated Edelman.

Think Differently

Tim Hockey, president and CEO of TD Ameritrade talked about the concern of future job loss from technological advancements. He said that this creative disruption is happening, but we are still at just 4.5 percent unemployment.

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