Chalice Financial Network’s 43,000 users will now have discounted access to the full suite of the Orion Advisor Services platform, which includes performance reports, billing, trade order management, business intelligence and more, thanks to a partnership between the companies.

The San Diego-based Chalice, which launched in November, provides support services that RIAs and independent advisors need to operate in the financial industry, as well as services they need to operate successfully as small businesses.

Orion, based in Omaha, Neb., provides portfolio accounting service for advisory firms.

According to a news release, the new strategic partnership underscores Chalice’s continued success in leveraging its scale and relationships to deliver significantly discounted access to leading third-party providers of technology, asset management, wealth management and business enterprise solutions to its members, who are independent financial advisors of all business models and firm affiliations throughout the country.

The release said Chalice’s members can access as many, or as few, of the services offered by the organization as they choose without traditional IBD or RIA affiliation agreements and related costs.

“The addition of Orion’s solutions to our platform vastly enhances the ability of CFN members to automate their back-office needs and to drive efficiencies that can lead to growth in revenues and profits. Best of all, because CFN is an unbundled, a la carte platform, Orion is now available to our members regardless of their RIA or broker-dealer affiliation,” said Derek Bruton, Chalice’s president, in the release.

Chalice also announced that Eric Clarke, the founder and CEO of Orion, also has joined the Chalice Advisory Board (CAB). The mission of the CAB is to ensure that Chalice network members receive unparalleled solutions and services that enable them to move their businesses forward, the release said.

Since its launch, Chalice has been expanding. Last month it added Chalice Advisor Lending Solutions, which provides merger and acquisition support for advisors who want to buy and sell books of business. The firm already offers discounted pricing on technology and tools, marketing and complimentary lead-generating websites, corporate services and support including human resources, payroll and group health benefits. It also acquired Succession Link, an online match service for independent financial advisor mergers and acquisitions.

The firm also has established an alliance with Oak Street Funding, a provider of conventional non-SBA loans for advisors seeking to buy independent practices. Chalice has a preferred vendor relationship with Indianapolis-based Oak Street Funding that makes capital and M&A support available to the advisors who are part of Succession Link’s 43,000 users. Succession Link members get 50 percent off membership to Chalice if they join by March 31.