Florida is the place of retirement dream for many seniors looking for a place to spend their Golden Years, but some of its most popular destinations could be their worst nightmare.

In a recent study, personal finance website WalletHub looked at retirement locations in Florida and ranked them using a variety of factors relating to affordability and quality of life.

WalletHub compared 120 of the state's largest towns and cities across the three key categories of Quality of Life; Healthcare; and Activities, each measured by 29 relevant metrics graded on a 100-point scale, where 100 represents the most favorable conditions for retirement and 0 the least. Finally, WalletHub determined each city’s weighted average aross all 29 metrics to calculate its total score, then used those scores to rank-order its sample.

Here, in descending order, are WalletHub's 10 worst places to retire in Florida.

10. Plant City

The suburban community of Plant City is ideal for commuters working in Tampa and Lakeland, but not for seniors on the hunt for local job opportunities. And other than the annual Strawberry festival, retirees will find their entertainment options limited. Plant City ranks 69th in Activities, 89th in Healthcare and 117th in Quality of Life. Total Score: 36.43.