Helping new financial planners build a solid career base is the goal of an online publication launched by the Financial Planning Association.

The first edition of the monthly “FPA Next Generation Planner” is available now through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It is designed for those who are new to the financial planning profession and provides “content tailored to help new planners develop personally and professionally as they advance on their career journey,” the FPA said in the announcement Tuesday.

Contributors to the new publication will include influential people who are part of the next generation of planners, thought leaders from both inside and outside of the profession, special guest writers and FPA staff experts who will focus on practical, actionable content across a wide spectrum of topics, FPA said

“With nearly 40 percent of financial planners expecting to retire within the next 10 years, it’s imperative FPA helps those entering the profession hone their skills and expertise to ensure competent financial planning advice continues to be delivered and the profession carries forward,” said Lauren M. Schadle, FPA executive director and CEO. “FPA Next Generation Planner” will help support new planners “build meaningful careers and shape the future of financial planning.”

The inaugural edition the publication will provide networking advice for new planners from members of the FPA NexGen community and tell new planners how to build a consistent, powerful and memorable client experience as a foundation to drive a successful marketing strategy, among other topics.

In order to help new planners, the FPA already has organized the FPA NexGen community at national and local levels, created the Facebook networking site known as “NexGen Gathering,” and launched a podcast on “You’re a Financial Planner, Now What?”

Autumn Campbell, president of FPA NexGen, said, “The NexGen community has been craving high-quality financial planning content for a long time. We want to learn best practices for emerging as a lead planner, fostering strong client engagement, developing content and presentation expertise, and attracting ideal clients, to name a few. The publication is intended to be responsive to those needs and address topics of interest to our newest generation of financial planners.”

“Next Generation Planner” was made possible through FPA’s partnership with FP Transitions, a business consulting organization.

“We are invested in educating the next generation of professionals so they can become leaders of the industry,” FP Transitions CEO Brad Bueermann said.