Financial advisors will have access to education on how to help clients with philanthropy through collaboration between the Financial Planning Association and the American Heart Association, the FPA announced Wednesday.

The two organizations will develop educational programs and a referral service to support financial advisors in helping clients fulfill their philanthropic goals. The program will include help for advisors in developing long-term financial plans for clients that include philanthropy, the FPA said in a statement.

The educational curriculum on charitable giving will be developed in the coming months and introduced to FPA members in 2020. FPA members who complete the educational program will be able to take part in the American Heart Association Professional Advisor Network that connects donors to all charities with those members who have received the necessary training, the FPA added.

“By providing professional education to FPA members, they will be equipped to advise the next generation of philanthropic supporters to make informed charitable decisions that will significantly transform and save lives for generations to come,” the American Heart Association Chairman Bertram Scott said.