Firms Combine Tax Management, Risk Adverse Strategies

By Edward Hayes

Frontier Asset Management, a Sheridan, Wyo.-based asset manager, and 55ip, a Boston-based investment technology developer, are combining their areas of expertise to offer advisors a unique set of model portfolios that will minimize risk, while seeking ideal tax management solutions.

Maximizing client portfolio returns in turbulent markets takes more than a midas investing touch—reducing risk and tax exposure in asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing are two important keys to success.

In addition, given the demand placed on advisors to be more than investment managers, many have turned to model portfolios to make their job more efficient and get their client what they want. 

Recognizing a need in the economy, Frontier and 55ip inked a deal this month that will apply 55ip’s tax management solutions to Frontier’s ETF Strategies so advisors can utilize both techniques within model portfolios. 

“Being able to utilize 55ip’s tax overlay service within our risk-managed services gives a really unique product in the investment advisor space,” said Rob Miller, CEO of Frontier. “We’re hoping that investment advisors will get the best of both worlds with tax and risk management for their clients.”

Sachin Shah, chief operating officer at 55ip, recognized the desire advisors have to minimize their risk exposure.

“In this environment where there’s lots of uncertainty, there may be more of an appetite for risk managed solutions,” he said.

Frontier does not have any proprietary ETFs, but publishes its investment strategies, which are then used by advisors and asset managers, according to Miller. 

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