Harvard University challenged a claim that it intentionally discriminates against Asian-American applicants, saying in a court filing that a group making the accusations offered a “misleading narrative” based on “cherry-picked” documents.

The Ivy League school on Friday offered a rebuttal to arguments made by Students for Fair Admissions last month in a run-up to an October trial. The group claimed that Harvard ignored statistical evidence from its own researchers showing bias in admissions.

“The evidence fails to show -- let alone beyond dispute -- that Harvard intentionally discriminates against Asian-American applicants,” the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based school said in a brief.

Students for Fair Admissions, which sued in 2014, has asked a judge to rule in its favor in advance of trial. The group last month told a federal judge in Boston that it has “incontrovertible" evidence that the university has "engineered the admissions process to achieve" illegal goals. The organization says that Asian-Americans are subject to the same kind of quotas that kept many Jews out of Ivy League colleges in the first half of the 20th century -- and the Trump administration has indicated it is sympathetic to their argument.

“The evidence fails to show -- let alone beyond dispute -- that Harvard engages in racial balancing,” the school also argues.

Harvard has filed its own request that the judge throw out the case before trial. It argues that its admissions data and pretrial witness testimony don’t support the group’s claims.

The president of Students for Fair Admissions, Edward Blum, didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment on the filing.

The Justice Department has weighed in on the case, saying it has a “substantial interest” because the U.S is conducting its own probe. It asked that the school’s admissions data be shared with the government.

The case is Students for Fair Admissions Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College, 14-cv-14176, U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts (Boston).

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