More than ever before, advisors and their clients have been talking about charitable planning. The 2017 Tax and Jobs Act, the concept of bunching donations, the popularity of donor-advised funds (DAFs), the generosity of clients and growth of their investments, the continued needs of non-profit organizations, and the understanding that advisors can help clients have more of an impact are just some of the reasons why these conversations are increasingly taking place.

Advisors are realizing that these discussions are good for them, their clients and the charities they support.

However, some advisors are still hesitant about initiating the conversation, even though they know that their clients are charitable. After reading the list below, hopefully they too will understand why many other advisors are engaging current clients and prospects in the discussion and will soon do so themselves. Some of the benefits include:

1. Demonstrates to clients that advisor is interested in them and is not just interested in managing assets.

2. Enhances and deepens relationship with clients.

3. Increases exposure to spouse and children who will be more likely to remain as clients after death of wealth creator.

4. Differentiates advisor from others and can be the difference maker when client is deciding between firms.

5. Helps bring in additional AUM from clients and referrals.

6. Enables advisor to encourage donations of non-cash assets, including more complex assets or those that may not be under control of advisor.

7. Allows for ongoing and positive conversations about a topic of importance to clients rather than market volatility and uncertainty, death and taxes.

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