California-based global fintech firm InvestCloud announced the launch of two new digital applications that support financial advisors with tools to streamline their work flows. InvestCloud Gray and InvestCloud Neon were unveiled at Schwab Impact 2017.

Mark Trousdale, executive vice president at the company, said InvestCloud Gray is a modern and flexible platform that’s an affordable way for wealth managers to deliver digital client portals, automated and interactive client reporting and client management capabilities. The platform also provides mobility apps, allowing clients and advisors to access information and communicate through any device.

He adds, “Any investor can access the platform. Gray utilizes the digital life cycle where advisors can market products and provide support for customers.”

InvestCloud Neon is a multi-lingual, multi-currency tool that allows global wealth managers and financial institutions to automate trading, accounting and work flows for secure, accurate and seamless portfolio management. For Neon users, a Digital Warehouse collects information from more than 1,000 interfaces and more than 2,000 application interfaces, Trousdale said.

In a statement, John Wise, co-founder and CEO at InvestCloud, said: "Unlike other systems offered by incumbent financial technology firms, Neon delivers on the promise to take away the burden of operational activities. In an era where the entire investment management value chain is under pressure from regulators and competition, the importance of focusing on results and fulfilling client needs cannot be underestimated. Neon allows managers and advisors to concentrate on serving and growing the client base."

All of the InvestCloud products may be purchased through the InvestCloud app store.

According to InvestCloud’s website, the company’s platform supports over $1.7 trillion of assets for 670 diverse clients from wealth managers, institutional investors and institutional asset managers to family offices, asset services companies, financial platforms and banks.

To learn more, visit the InvestCloud website.