New York-based InvestCloud has launched InvestCloud White, a digital platform for wealth management and turnkey asset management programs (TAMPS), according to a news release.

InvestCloud White is designed and built on a single unified platform for RIAs to run their business, or for turnkey asset management programs to support dozens of others. 

With the addition of InvestCloud White, the platform’s suite of apps provides wealth managers and TAMPs with the opportunity to scale, supporting front to back office operations with functions such as research, portfolio construction, rebalancing, reconciliation, billing, performance reporting, tax optimization, and client reporting.

InvestCloud White combines InvestCloud’s Blue (client communication, automation and management), Orange (digital warehouse, aggregation, and content management), Black (performance and risk) and Green (trade processing and accounting) products.

Yaela Shamberg, co-founder and chief product officer of InvestCloud, said in released comments that the launch of InvestCloud White marked an opportunity for the company’s clients to gain access to its hundreds of modular apps.

“We successfully deployed all components of InvestCloud’s end-to-end digital platform for Westwood, an InvestCloud strategic partner and foundational client,” she said in a news release. “From there, we partnered with Westwood to envision this approach to license the full product suite into one integrated platform.”

John Wise, co-founder and CEO of InvestCloud, announced the company’s newest product launch at the InvestCloud Conference 2020, held in Miami from March 4-6, attended by more than 150 clients.

Wise said that wealth managers and RIAs were spending far too much time and money managing dozens of different and outdated pieces of expensive technology that were poorly integrated and provided inflexible information.

Founded in 2010, InvestCloud offers digital solutions to the financial industry through a proprietary set of hyper modular apps, supporting more than $2 trillion in assets across more than 700 diverse clients.