Pinto, 59, recently became JPMorgan’s sole president and COO after sharing those titles with Gordon Smith until Smith’s retirement at the end of last year. The pair served as acting co-CEOs while Dimon was sidelined by emergency heart surgery just as the coronavirus pandemic roiled markets. Pinto is widely viewed as the most likely replacement to Dimon, 66, in another emergency situation, but less likely in an orderly transition. 

In response to a shareholder question Tuesday, Dimon said he feels “great” following the 2020 surgery. Whenever asked how long he will remain CEO, he’s long joked that he’ll stay for five more years. Dimon, who’s been at the helm since the end of 2005, defended his compensation last year, calling it part of a broader “umbrella” designed to retain senior management. 

--With assistance from Scott Carpenter.

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