Seattle-based  INVENT, a cloud technology platform and consulting firm for the financial services industry, announced this week that Larry Roth will serve as strategic advisor to the firm.

Roth, former CEO of Advisor Group and Cetera Financial Group, will continue to serve as managing partner of RLR Strategic Partners, a New York City-based merger and acquisition advisory and private equity investment firm affiliated with Berkshire Global Advisors.

“We’re excited to have Larry on board," said Oleg Tishkevich, INVENT founder and CEO. "Someone with his experience helping to lead our vision is going to be a game changer and a huge accomplishment for us in and of itself. We’re at the stage of our development where we really need to go to the next step.”

INVENT was created in February 2019, and has since on-boarded about 14,000 unique users to its platform, Tishkevich said.

At INVENT, Roth will help build out an advisory board comprised of wealth industry leaders and offer guidance to the fintech’s elite consulting team.

“I’m a believer in the wealth space, and advisors and end clients there need solutions that are easy to use and help them accomplish their goals, whatever they may be,” said Roth. “Even though there are a lot of great tools out there, they tend not to be integrated and it’s difficult to get them to work together. Oleg’s business is well-positioned to revolutionize the wealth space. It’s easy to use for end clients and advisors, and it makes many of the technology burdens on enterprise firms disappear.”

INVENT’s platform is a technological operating environment for financial services firms, and is designed to enable them to more easily integrate third-party technologies with their enterprise legacy platforms across the cloud.

TIshkevich said he developed INVENT to help firms efficiently solve their technology conflicts and issues.

“Everybody’s trying to go to this digital transformation to provide better experiences for financial professionals and clients, but every firm we talk to has systems that are old, and updates, replacements and transitions to the cloud are not very easy or quick," Tishkevich said. "We can execute on those strategies.”

Most important, INVENT offers financial firms a development platform to create their own software integrations without requiring deep coding expertise.

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