A veteran pair of brothers managing about $210 million in advisory, brokerage and retirement plan assets have left Wells Fargo to join LPL Financial in Atlanta, according to a news release.  

Financial advisors Blake Turner and Drew Turner, who together have 45 years of industry experience, have affiliated with Linsco by LPL, the firm’s employee advisor model, to launch Turner and Turner Wealth Management of LPL Financial.

Blake Turner began his career at Raymond James in 1994. He moved to Prudential Securities in 2000 and joined Wells Fargo in 2002, according to BrokerCheck. He teamed up with his brother, who began his career at Wells Fargo in 2004.

“We felt it was important to leverage the power of our partnership, working together to build a generational business and help take care of our clients’ comprehensive financial needs,” Blake Turner said in a statement.

“We entered into this move to LPL through thoughtful consideration and due diligence, as our relationship with our clients is paramount,” Drew Turner added. “With LPL’s innovative technology, robust digital platforms and investment opportunities, we are confident that this is the right move at the right time. It enables us to work with who we want to work with and gives us the freedom to operate in our clients’ best interests.”

Scott Posner, LPL's executive vice president of business development, said the company is “committed to supporting the Turners with innovative business solutions and integrated capabilities designed to help them create differentiated experiences for their clients and win in their marketplace.”