During these unprecedented times, marketers are bound to go beyond the call of duty to identify the new challenges their target audiences are facing, and respond with compassion, not opportunistically. Advisors struggling with the transition to remote work may resent someone leaping to make a sale. But they will appreciate a helping hand, which could take the form of complimentary offers, free tutorials or webinars.

Focus on solutions, not problems
Like a lot of CMOs out there, I embrace my competitive nature. It keeps me from resting on my laurels and it drives me to turn disruption into an advantage for my firm’s marketing efforts. But this is a time to tap the brakes on the winner-take-all hustle. It’s important to be humble about the problems we’re facing, because we’re all facing them. At my firm, we’ve shelved campaigns we would have executed in a heartbeat in different times - especially ones that focus on problems or pain points in the industry.

If your marketing efforts are pointing out troubles that are already self-evident to your clients or prospects, it looks like you’re rubbing it in their faces - or at best, trying to capitalize on someone else’s misfortune. Instead, focus on how you can help.

Whatever form your marketing takes during this time, be realistic about the response. A lot of businesses are reeling from the economic and human impact of the pandemic, even those lucky enough to make a seamless transition to remote work. Right now, people might not be able to implement everything you do or use the full extent of your services. But brighter days will come. When they do, your audience will remember the difference between the folks who offered a helping hand and those who just wanted to make a buck.

Don’t think about people in terms of the money that can be made off the back of a crisis. Right now, just ask yourself how you and your company can help.

Look for the next installment of this two-part series, coming soon.

Kelly Waltrich is the chief marketing officer of Orion Advisor Solutions.

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