Redtail Technology has rolled out an integration with cash management fintech MaxMyInterest.

New York-based MaxMyInterest will allow users of Redtail’s CRM to have one-click access to an onboarding process that will allow their clients to earn rates of up to 0.75% APY on same-day liquid, FDIC-insured deposits.

“As we watched the Max platform grow, we saw the trend of client cash becoming more important for advisors,” said Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Redtail, in released comments. “We’re glad to offer our users another way to automate workflows and help manage their practice better while delivering an innovative solution to help clients earn more automatically through our integration with Max.”

MaxMyInterest’s functionality automatically moves client funds to the highest-yielding FDIC-insured bank accounts available. It may also help advisors learn more about their clients’ held-away cash, since with MaxMyInterest, all cash is technically held directly by the client.