Michael Burry sees higher prices sticking around as geopolitical turmoil combines with blue collar labor shortages to “raise long-term inflation’s floor.”

The founder of Scion Asset Management, whose bet against the housing market before the 2008 financial crisis was immortalized in “The Big Short,” said in a tweet Tuesday that global supply chain restructuring will keep prices elevated. He also posted a link to a Bloomberg story detailing a boom in US factory development.

Burry’s tweets about market risks are often cryptic, but have been striking a nerve as stock slides and inflation hammers global economies. He recently said the so-called “Bullwhip Effect” may cause the Federal Reserve to halt rate hikes. He’s also said that the stock market might be about halfway through its decline.

In his tweet Tuesday, which was deleted about an hour after it was posted, Burry raised the specter of an expanded war in Europe, as well as heightened tension between China and Taiwan, as factors that could accelerate the need for companies to increase domestic manufacturing.

Burry typically deletes his tweets after they are published.

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.