Not all millionaires want to live in the middle of the hustle and bustle of New York, Los Angeles or some other big city. Some want their money to buy the peace and quiet of a small town.

There are 6.8 million households in the United States that have $1 million in investable assets, not counting their homes, employer-sponsored retirement plans and business partnerships. That is 5.5 percent of the population.

Phoenix Marketing International, a firm that tracks the affluent market, ranked 915 urban areas—both large and small—for Kiplinger. Following are the 10 small towns with the highest percentage of millionaires in the United States in ascending order, along with a few reasons says they are attractive to millionaires.

10. Gardnerville Ranchos, Nev. 1,445 households out of 20,566 or 7 percent are millionaires.

Gardnerville Ranchos is a favorite hiding place for millionaires because of its proximity to Lake Tahoe, which has long been a getaway for the rich and famous. With everything from ski resorts to beaches, the Lake Tahoe area offers year-round activities for well-heeled tourists and full-time residents alike. Adding to the appeal for residents, Nevada is one of the most tax-friendly states in the U.S.