Swank Capital has launched a new fund that invests in midstream energy infrastructure master limited partnerships.

Swank's Cushing MLP Premier Fund is one of the first open-end mutual funds to invest in the MLP sector. The fund invests primarily in midstream MLPs that build and operate pipelines and storage facilities for the transportation of domestic energy supplies. MLPs own the infrastructure that connects crude oil, natural gas, coal and other energy resources to refineries and other end users.

"MLPs, as represented by The Cushing 30 MLP Index, have had one of the best risk-adjusted returns of any asset class over the last ten years ending September 30, 2010. They've provided investors a combination of high income and growth sustained by a continually increasing need for energy infrastructure in the U.S.," said Jerry V. Swank, the fund's portfolio manager and founder of Swank Capital, based in Dallas. "In addition, MLPs have a long history of growing distributions faster than inflation, which has made them useful as a potential inflation hedge."

Shares can be purchased from investment advisors, brokers or directly at www.cushingfunds.com.