Nearly half of U.S. adults think financial advisors are expensive and only for the wealthy, even though almost all who use advisors consider them worth it, according to a new survey.

The survey of 1,500 adults by the personal finance website MagnifyMoney found that 30% of consumers have a paid financial advisors, with the most people most likely to pay advisors being those with incomes over $100,000 (55%), college students (41%) and men (35%).

When the survey questioned people who don't have a financial advisor, it found that a lot of people prefer to be do-it-yourselvers. "Of this group, 57% said they prefer to manage their money themselves, while 33% believe it’s too expensive and 25% don’t think they have enough invested assets," the survey report said.

Overall, the survey found that 42% of survey respondents felt advisors are only for the wealthy. But 95% of respondents who use an advisor said they're worth the money, with 61% of this group saying they pay less than $3,000 annually for financial advisor services.

The survey also included the following findings:

Fair fees are the top priority for consumers looking for a financial advisor. This is followed by being local and showing proven returns. More than 10% of consumers 40 and younger say diversity is important to them—twice as many as older consumers. 

Consumers have many misconceptions about financial advisors. In addition to mistaken beliefs about the cost of advisors, 38% of consumers think online sources and replace an advisor and 25% think you don’t need a financial advisor until you’re middle-aged.

• 45% of those who don’t have a paid financial advisor—and 50% of all consumers—think they typically cost much more than they do. Fee-only advisors typically charge between 0.5% and 1.25% of the assets they manage, but these respondents believe the typical cost is between 5% and 15% or more of assets.

• Overall, 82% of consumers would rather have a financial advisor manage their investments than a robo-advisor. The most likely group to want a robo-advisor is Gen Zers (29%).