F/m Investments, a $4 billion investment advisor based in Washington D.C., has launched a new exchange traded fund (ETF) advisors can use to gain access to the Treasury market.

The firm launched the US Treasury 6 Month Bill ETF (XBIL) last month. It is the fifth fund in the US Benchmark Series, which rolled out in August. The other funds in the family are the US Treasury 10 Year ETF (UTEN), the US Treasury 2 Year ETF (UTWO), the US Treasury 12 Month Bill ETF (OBIL), and the US Treasury 3 Month Bill ETF (TBIL).

“We built this for other folks who needed a solution that was slightly more precise than the answers that are out there and who wanted an easy way to put this in their accounts … put it in their re-balance [and] find high-quality execution,” said  said Alexander Morris, president and CIO at F/m and co-creator of the Benchmark Series.

Each of the ETFs, including XBIL, holds the most current or “on the run” Treasury that correlates to the length of each fund, according to the firm. XBIL follows the ICE Bank of America US 6-Month Treasury Bill Index. The fund, like the index, maintains its on-the-run exposure and distributes monthly income, Morris said.

The fund is currently available on the NASDAQ platform and anywhere advisors or investors can trade a stock, Morris said. 

XBIL has a $50 minimum although it can trade in fractions and has a 15-basis point fee, which is the same as the other ETFs in the Benchmark series, according to Morris.

The Benchmark series has amassed about $910 million in assets thus far. XBIL, which launched March 7, already has more than $32 million in assets, according to Morris.

The firm is marketing XBIL directly to advisors as a staple of an investor’s portfolio.

“Treasurys are the bedrock of the financial infrastructure and they should be a part of everyone’s portfolio,” Morris said. “They always have been in various ways [and] this is a way for advisors to express that and be more dynamic in how they express that.”