New York State’s lockdown has reduced the rate of spread for the coronavirus to under one new infection for every existing one, possibly marking an end to the first outbreak, Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

But even as he credited New Yorkers for altering their behavior, he implored them to continue keeping their distance from one another to prevent a resurgence. He also announced that he was extending the state’s lockdown under the Pause Act at least another month, to May 15.

“What determines the rate of infection? You do and I do,” Cuomo said Thursday at his daily virus briefing. “That rate came down because people changed their behavior. That’s what happened.”

The governor reported 606 new deaths in 24 hours, down from 752 the previous day. That raised the state’s death toll to 12,192. Hospitalizations and intubations are decreasing, Cuomo said.

This article provided by Bloomberg News.