The National Financial Educators Council has launched a petition website to advocate for a comprehensive financial education program to be taught at all public schools nationwide, according to a recent news release.

"Our children should all graduate high school with the skills to be self-sufficient and the confidence to make good financial decisions,” NFEC CEO Vince Shorb said in prepared remarks.

At present, only five U.S. states require a one-semester, stand-alone personal finance class, according to Shorb.

The petition drive is intended to show local, state and federal policymakers that the American public supports the NFEC campaign in support of financial literacy, and to bring people together behind the common cause of helping America’s youth gain the skill sets needed to make real-world financial decisions and become self-sufficient.

In addition to launching an online petition drive, the organization said it will also fund lobbying efforts to convince politicians to take action on its Teach Financial Literacy campaign as certain signature milestones are reached.

To aid in the campaign’s reach and to garner more signatures, the NFEC is offering incentives for financial literacy advocates to get involved. Those that help promote the initiative can be invited to participate on the national board and/or be recognized as a contribution advocate.

The NFEC is a Silver Springs, Nev.-based independent social enterprise organization founded by Shorb in 2006.

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