Happy Tuesday, Fellow Fintechers!
Working from HOTlanta without AC today, so it is a warm one here! 

We start out this week’s newsletter with our Wealthtech Weekly column from Vasyl Soloshchuk with news from Ellevest, Skience and AdvicePay, amongst others. We also have a new 3 Questions interview with Aaron Schumm of Vestwell, a digital recordkeeping platform for 401(k) and 403(b) accounts. Schumm is a well-known figure in the wealthtech world, and prior to launching Vestwell, co-founded FolioDynamix, which was later acquired by Envestnet. 

Next up, we have an article co-authored by Dan Fletcher and Nick Veronis of digital investment platform iCapital Network on the importance for Investors in private markets to understand the differences in valuation methodologies to accurately assess their portfolio performance. 

This week, FA Mag senior editor Jeff Schlegel has penned a piece reviewing a recent report from research firm Aite Group on the need for advisors to rethink their traditional revenue models. This becomes necessary due to industry changes brought about by a confluence of factors including the rise in low fee digital advice platforms, the adoption of the fiduciary model which translates into lower commissions, and market volatility which can lead to lower AUM in times of dramatic market declines, such as occurred in March. This is a must read for advisors

FA Mag Senior Editor Chris Robbins has rounded out the wealthtech lineup for us this week, with stories filed on a new partnership with Fidelity Digital and Kingdom Trust to bring bitcoin cold wallets to IRAs, news of a new integration partnership with Apex Clearing and Marstone wealth management platform, and word that Vanguard has tapped Infosys to digitize its defined contribution operation.

We have often said in the past that certain weeks seem to somehow bring interesting trends from multiple sources, and that signals to us that an important new industry trend is emerging.  We wrap up this week’s newsletter with just such a piece from Robbins on behavioral finance and how two high level fintech firms – SEI & Envestnet – are approaching it on their respective platforms. 

Read up and be in the know! 

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