Happy Tuesday, Fellow Fintechers –

We’ve just returned from the TD LINC conference in Orlando last week, and what a great conference it was. Our favorite area was the Veo Village, which had over 80 exhibitors on hand covering all sectors of the wealthtech industry.

There were lots of new names this year, like municipal and equity platform 280CapMarkets and ESG impact investing platform YourStake, and also many of the more established names, too, like LifeYield, Orion, eMoney and more.

It was a great event, launching with a daylong digital assets track hosted by Ric Edelman and Don Friedman. Fintech luminary Dara Albright, who was on one of the panels, shares an update of the day’s highlights, and it’s well worth the read to see where advisors stand on the topic of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Today, we also have a very fun piece for our readers.  Remember the “Kimberly Beck” story from a few weeks back where we shared insights from two women in the wealthtech industry who shared the same name? Well, unbelievably, it’s happened again. This time, we found two women named “Hannah Grove”.  One is the chief marketing officer at State Street – the other is the chief revenue officer at Apex Clearing. Check it out to hear what these two impressive women have to say about their sectors of the financial industry. 

We also have a piece from Angel Gonzalez, CMO at marketing wealthtech Snappy Kraken, on some important findings around digital marketing for advisors the firm recently unearthed in a new study. Also on today’s agenda is our usual Wealthtech Weekly article from industry expert Vasyl Soloshchuk, and a post sharing some great news for advisors with TDA, that notes they will NOT have to repaper their clients after the Schwab deal goes through, provided they do as much business as possible electronically.  Hello, wealthtech!

Finally, we finish up with a look at Fidelity’s new simplified client onboarding technology and share a post touting what we have long been saying – that bitcoin is the new (digital) gold. 

Read up, folks, and be in the fintech/wealthtech know.

Yours in Fintech,
Cindy Taylor