Happy Tueday, Fellow Fintechers!
In advance of the long July 4 weekend, we have a huge roster of fintech news this week– too much to publish in the newsletter, so make sure to check out our fintech channel on FA-mag.com for all the latest updates in the world of wealthtech for advisors. 

First up in our newsletter this week is our weekly wealthtech series from industry insider Vasyl Soloshchuk, covering news from Advisor Group, Snappy Kraken and Smartleaf, among others.

Over the weekend we learned that a major deal was in the works with Orion & Brinker Capital.  FA magazine Senior Editor Chris Robbins has the inside scoop. Make sure to check it out.
Robbins also delves deeper into this topic in an interview with Daniel Faggella, head of research at Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research. Faggella notes that AI is going to have a major impact in the areas of regulation and compliance early on, and “the only advisors who are “safe” are ones who work with clients at the highest levels of wealth and complexity—the rest of the industry teeters on the verge of disruption.” In another post, FA Senior Editor Jeff Schlegel has broken down information from a research call with Chip Roame of Tiburon Strategic Advisors for our readers, outlining his thesis that robos are going to continue to take AUM from traditional advisors. Both are important stories that advisors need to read so they can be better positioned for changes coming to the industry in the near future.

Robbins also has several other interesting pieces for our readers today, including a breakdown from a recent Wisdom Tree study showing that clients are more likely to hire advisors using model portfolios, and this was particularly true in the second phase of the study in March 2020, which coincidentally synced up with the initial US coronavirus outbreak. Other pieces from Robbins this week include word of 4 major platforms enhancements announced at Riskalyze ahead of Reg BI implementation and news that the CFP Board has FINALLY come up with new technology standards for advisors taking effect June 30th—finally! 

FMG Suite's CEO Scott White also has a contribution for our ongoing "3 Questions" series with industry leaders. Finishing up, we have a lovely thought leadership piece submitted by our friend Kelly Waltrich, CMO at Orion, talking about work-life balance in these unusal times, and how it varies for every individual. 

It was another busy week in fintech, even as we enter into the supposedly slower months of summer. Read up and be in the know! 

Yours in Fintech,
Cindy Taylor