Happy 2020, fellow fintechers!  A new year, a new decade and new innovations in fintech will no doubt be coming our way this year. Hoping you all enjoyed the holiday season!

Today, we have an excellent line up of content including a look at what the New Year will hold for wealthtech with insights from industry luminaries including Bill Crager of Envestnet, Keith Gregg of Chalice Financial and Lonnie MacDonald from Vestmark, among others. Make sure to check out “What Will 2020 Hold for the Wealthtech Industry.” 

We also have our industry expert Vasyl Soloshchuk’s weekly wealthtech news updates.  Additionally, Orion CMO (and new mom) Kelly Waltrich has penned a great piece for us, “How to Build a Formula 1 Marketing Engine,” outlining what it takes to build a world-class marketing engine from scratch, based on her personal experience building her in-house team. 

In another post, “Optimizing Your Advisory Business With A Unified Platform,” Rob Klapprodt, corporate strategy officer for Vestmark, provides us with great insight into the process of optimizing your tech stack with a unified platform, and some key points to take into consideration in the build-out.

Have you invested in bitcoin for yourself or a client? If so, you may know that another bitcoin halving is occurring later this year (the third since bitcoin first launched) and many investors are anticipating a major jump in valuation, as was the case with the prior to halving incidents. Read “Bitcoin Believers Expect 2020 Rally As A Reward For Halving” for further insights into this event coming on May 18.

Finally, we finish with a look at a new product from Chubb offering advisors insurance from losses due to hacks, and a piece from wealthtech investor and consultant Steve Gresham on the flavors “du jour” in fintech today in “The Five Flavors Of Financial Jell-O.”

All in all, an information-packed newsletter today filled with insights for the New Year.  Read Up!

Yours in Fintech,

Cindy Taylor, Publisher