Happy Tuesday, Fellow Fintechers! It’s been a busy time in the world of financial technology since our last newsletter, what with Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony last Wednesday on the digital currency Libra, bitcoin’s wild swing from $7,500 to $9,500 in two days, and word that British challenger bank Revolut penned a deal with Mastercard to usher its way into the U.S. market (“The British are coming!  The British are coming!). 

Even so, in today’s newsletter we have a piece entitled “Cash Isn’t Dead Yet,” informing us that physical currency is experiencing a resurgence despite the ongoing march toward becoming a cashless world. Methinks that in this digital age of fintech, cash has become something equivalent to a precious metal, hence its renewed legitimacy (as long as its not a Venezuelan Bolivar).

In today’s newsletter we also learn that one of the more robust investment platforms out there, iCapital, has made a deal with Charles Schwab to launch alternatives to their customer base. There is also our weekly 3 Questions interview, this time with Jeff Hazelwood of The Bancorp, who discusses the firm’s new loan automation platform, Talea, which advisors can use to offer traditional banking services to their clients. In our op-ed piece, “The Grey Swan Turns Darker,” we delve into two possible, non-politically biased outcomes that all money managers should be considering with the ongoing impeachment probe of President Trump.  

Finally, we look at the news of the past week in the wealthtech industry from our resident expert, Vasyl Solushchuk. Lots of great fintech news to absorb today, folks – READ UP!!