Happy Tuesday, Fellow Fintechers! Today we begin with our weekly update on the latest wealthtech news from our resident expert Vasyl Soloshchuk.

We also have several pieces highlighting the value of utilizing the right wealthtech to create the best experience for clients and advisors alike, including an article that features Tom Burmeister, vice president of financial planning at Advicent, on how to use wealthtech to help retirees navigate spending and expenses. We also have a new post from fintech luminary Dara Albright, who explores whether the U.S. needs to set up a new regulatory framework for digital currencies or whether the existing regulators can get the job done. Our opinion: SEC—not a chance; CFTC—maybe; a new industry self regulating body—best option. See what Dara has to say on the topic and if it syncs up with our view.

Next up is a really special "3 Questions" interview with Kim Gaxiola of TechGirl Financial. Based in Silicon Valley, Ms. Gaxiola both advises clients in the tech sector and espouses the effective use of technology in her practice to best serve her clients. An interesting read, to say the least. 

Finally, a special shout out to my partner in life, fintech and all other endeavors—Bill Taylor—with whom I’m celebrating 24 years of marriage today!  Truly blessed.

Have a great week!