Nova Wealth Management Group, a registered investment advisor in Atlanta, has entered into an agreement with Focus Financial Partners Inc., a partnership of independent, fiduciary wealth management firms, to merge with its St. Louis-based partner firm, Buckingham Strategic Wealth.

Nova, led by Jeff Cohen, Sam Bromberg and James Underwood, provides comprehensive wealth planning services to individuals and families.

Once the deal closes, Nova will operate its business under the Buckingham name, which will expand Buckingham’s nationwide presence and create the foundation for its new Atlanta office and advisory team, according to a press release.

Nova has been associated with Buckingham for more than 20 years through its long partnership with BAM Advisor Services LLC, Buckingham’s sister company. BAM is a comprehensive wealth platform that supports a nationwide community of independent wealth management firms and financial advisors.

It was previously announced that BAM Advisor Services will rebrand as Buckingham Strategic Partners in this year's first quarter.

Details of the transaction with Nova, which is expected to close in the first quarter, were not disclosed.

Focus Financial Partners LLC, founded in 2004 by Rudy Adolf, Rajini Kodialam and Leonard Chang, is a New York City-based investor in independent, fiduciary wealth management firms.