It was supposed to be the final leap back to normalcy.

But with the coronavirus raging out of control in much of the country, New York City’s last official step in reopening comes with more than a few caveats.

On Monday, the city enters Phase Four. In some ways, it marks a significant step in its efforts to contain the outbreak, which ravaged entire neighborhoods and killed thousands in the spring.

But in a sign of how tenuous those hard-fought gains have been and how concerned officials are about a second wave sweeping back into the city, many indoor activities are still barred. New Yorkers will need to wait a little longer for gyms, museums and shopping malls to reopen. And indoor dining? Postponed indefinitely.

“All our numbers are good. The bad news is, we’ve got to keep them that way,” Governor Andrew Cuomo told reporters on Friday. “If you don’t do it, the virus will increase.”

Here’s what you need to know:

What does ‘Phase Four’ reopening mean?
With the latest phase, New Yorkers can expect the return of low-risk outdoor arts and entertainment — think zoos and botanical gardens — at reduced capacity. Professional sports will resume, albeit with one major caveat: no fans. Television, music and film production can also restart.

What’s still closed?
Indoor restaurant dining is still a no-no. Gyms, cinemas and theaters will also remain shut for the foreseeable future. Museums and shopping malls, which were originally part of Phase Four, won’t reopen until future notice, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Friday.

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When will schools reopen?
It’s perhaps the biggest question on the minds of New York City parents these days. Specifics, however, have thus far been in short supply. De Blasio has said public schools will open in September with a “blended” schedule, with mix of remote and in-person learning. Parents who aren’t comfortable sending their children to school can also opt for a full-time remote schedule.

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