Several new investment strategies are being added to Orion’s investment platforms.

Orion announced on Tuesday that strategies from State Street are being added to Orion Portfolio Solutions, it’s TAMP offering, and Communities, its model marketplace, while also announcing a pair of new in-house strategies.

The two new in-house strategies, U.S. Biotechnology and U.S. Metals and Mining, blend thematic stock selection and direct indexing to create focused portfolios drawing on first-hand expertise in both sectors within Orion’s investment team. The new strategies will be made available both on Orion’s TAMP and within the model marketplace. According to a Tuesday announcement from Orion, the U.S. Biotechnology strategy uses equal-weighting to provide investors with greater  diversification, while the U.S. Metals and Mining strategy also seeks to provide access to smaller market capitalization companies with low market correlation.

“Not only is our platform home to a growing selection of model portfolios from industry-leading strategists. We can also call on our own investment management team’s hands-on expertise and proactive thought leadership,” said Rusty Vanneman, chief investment officer of Orion, in released comments.

Also, Orion will now offer strategies from State Street’s Investment Solutions Group on its TAMP and within its marketplace. These will include State Street’s Strategic Allocation ETF Portfolios, six model portfolios designed to span across the investment risk spectrum using SPDR ETFs.These advisors will also be able to access State Street’s Tax-Sensitive Strategic Asset Allocation ETF Portfolios designed to help advisors capture federal, state and local tax advantages.

State Streets Income Allocation ETF Portfolios and Active Asset Allocation ETF Portfolios will be available to model marketplace users, but not on Orion’s TAMP.

“By compounding resources and synergies across the brands, advisors can immediately tap into the newfound opportunities these models create, whether through Communities or our full-service TAMP offering,” said Vanneman.