Orion Goes Live With First ChatGPT Integration
Omaha, Neb.-based Orion Advisor Solutions, a wealth-tech solution company serving advisors and investors, has gone live with a ChatGPT-3.5 series integration with Redtail Speak, a communication platform for financial advisors offered through Redtail Technology.

The integration will allow users to select from and, as needed, edit suggested artificial intelligence-generated responses. The technology is designed to save advisors time and facilitate faster, more effective client communication. To create communications with clients, it draws from and builds upon the previous 20 text messages between the client and an advisor team. It can provide automatic prompts and recommended responses to client questions using vital knowledge of the advisor-client relationship. Redtail Speak users can turn the integration on or off at their discretion.

The technology demonstrates Orion’s commitment to serving advisors’ needs and helping them remain ahead of evolving trends. Orion’s research suggests that advisors are broadly interested in AI and its potential applications, with 33% of respondents to its Wealthtech Survey citing AI as the most disruptive technology trend facing the financial services industry. Redtail Speak is currently available to Orion clients via the Orion Advantage Stack.

Sierra Mutual Launches Third Tactical Risk Fund
Sierra Mutual Funds Inc., headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., has introduced the Sierra Tactical Risk Spectrum 70 Fund (SRSJX), a vehicle that uses Sierra’s tactical investment approach of limiting volatility and downside risk.

The fund invests in a combination of unaffiliated mutual funds and exchange-traded funds for exposure to multiple underlying instruments across a range of asset classes, including U.S. and international stocks and bonds and physical commodities. Sierra constructs the fund’s portfolio by quantitatively analyzing underlying funds and identifying those that exhibit the most attractive positive trends, as well as those having received a “buy” signal under the firm’s time-tested investment process. Each holding is monitored daily, and each has its own “sell” signal.

The new fund, which joins a family of two other funds, targets an average equity exposure of 50% to 70% over a three-year period, with the remaining allocation reserved for bond exposure.

Snappy Kraken Unveils All-In-One Marketing Solution
Snappy Kraken, an Ormond Beach, Fla.-based marketing tech company, has released a holistic product offering that will make it easier for advisors to fulfill all their marketing needs in one place.

The digital marketing strategy is designed to help financial advisors foster and deepen relationships with both prospective and established clients by offering personalized websites and branding; marketing automation featuring unique original content; text message marketing via the intuitive Convos platform; and Freedom360, a “one-and-done” marketing solution that eliminates the need for advisors to single-handedly manage their entire marketing systems.

To learn more about Snappy Kraken’s full menu of offerings, visit the company’s website at www.snappykraken.com.

Elements Rolls Out In-App Messaging Tool
Elements, a financial services company headquartered in Salt Lake City, has debuted a new messaging solution that allows financial advisors to engage with prospects within the Elements app, the company said. Elements is a financial assessment tool that allows advisors to quickly demonstrate their value to get new clients.

Elements Messaging is available to Elements customers at no additional charge and is designed to not only save advisors time, but to let them to stand out from their competition by capturing prospective clients’ attention.

Using Elements Messaging, advisors can interact with prospects on the same platform where their financial data is hosted, as well as send messages with prefilled, one-tap replies that make it easier for prospects to respond. Push notifications position advisors to dramatically scale their prospecting activities, making it faster to engage with more prospects at once via their mobile devices.

Elements recently announced the introduction of a money-back guarantee if advisors fail to add at least one new client within 90 days of instituting and following the Elements Growth Method.

DPL Expands Member Access To RISA Planning Tool
DPL Financial Partners, the Louisville, Ky.-based insurance platform for registered investment advisors, has expanded access to its Retirement Income Style Awareness (RISA) Profile to all members.

The tool is typically used by advisors as a first step in the planning process. DPL rolled out an initial release of the RISA tool to a small group of members last fall. Developed by retirement researchers Wade Pfau and Alex Murguia, the RISA Profile is a psychology-based income personality assessment that helps reveal an individual’s unique preferences for sourcing retirement income.

The RISA questionnaire, which can be completed in just 15 to 20 minutes, generates a custom report that guides advisors in delivering tailored retirement income solutions, including fiduciary-friendly annuities. When RISA results indicate a need for guaranteed income, asset protection or a mix of the two, DPL members have access to a marketplace of vetted, fee-only annuity solutions to fulfill the strategy.

The RISA Profile is now available to all DPL members visiting the company website at www.dplfp.com.