Wealth tech solutions firm Orion Advisor Solutions has introduced a CRM with a connected client portal after completing its acquisition of Redtail Technology.

The integration takes the services that Redtail provides and incorporates them into the Orion Portal, which is the flagship for all Orion clients.

“Our teams are constantly ideating and testing ways to support advisors in their independence, simplifying their processes in an all-in-one environment that has never been seen before in the financial services industry,” said Eric Clarke, founder and CEO of Orion. “This is something no other CRM provides and will vastly improve the client experience and deepen relationships between advisors and their clients.”

The integration brings Orion’s core technologies and services to Redtail customers. A primary benefit for advisors is the ability to synch their client’s accounts to the portal, according to Trent Mumma, executive vice president of product at Orion.

That will give the advisor access to their portfolio and aggregate outside accounts, he said. In addition, clients can set up individual goals and “what if” scenarios that can incorporte Monte Carlo simulations, Mumma said.

“I wouldn’t call it a robo-advisor, but it’s super easy to use and it doesn't require a financial advisor to be present,” he said.

The tool is available now to both Redtail and Orion advisors at no additional cost and is live, the company said. 

“We really wanted to differentiate the CRM offering which is a really competitive space,” Mumma said. “There is no CRM today that offers a client portal that isn’t an integration with an outside entity.”