The home-fitness cycling company Peloton Interactive Inc. said it set a record Wednesday for the most people streaming a single live class, with 23,000 participating.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit gyms and real-world cycling classes hard, but it’s been an opportunity for Peloton to sign up new customers as millions around the globe shelter in place. Just as Netflix Inc. is setting records for video streaming with 182.8 million subscribers, Peloton’s business seems built for a world where people need to work out at home.

Peloton said in a statement Friday that it now has more than 2 million members worldwide. The shares surged more than 6%.

The particpation record came as the company’s head instructor streamed from her home. “This is the first time that Peloton has filmed classes outside of its two studios after the temporary suspension of streaming live classes from its studios in New York and London,” the company said.

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.