The firm has an in-house team of 20 professionals who provide investment advisory services, tax planning and compliance, wealth transfer planning and comprehensive administrative services, according to the firm.

Greenway MFO Opens In St. Louis
Greenway Family Office has been founded in St. Louis to serve families with a net worth of at least $25 million.

Joan Malloy, founder of the firm, is an accountant, a CFP advisor and a CFA who was co-founder and former president of St. Louis Trust Company, a firm she left last year.

Greenway is designed to provide families with at least $10 million in liquid assets, and $25 million and up in total net worth, with comprehensive financial management, asset preservation, family governance and legacy-planning services, she said.

"Each of our partners will work with ten families or fewer, which means our clients are able to rely on the dedicated service and perspective that each of the partners brings to the table," Malloy said.

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