Looking Ahead
One of those storefronts might be Caffe Dante. Pride is trying to be proactive. At first he was forced to lay off 45 of the original Caffe Dante’s 49 employees; now he’s rehired 12 and started a cocktails-to-go service. All of the proceeds, he says, go to paying for his employees’ health care, providing a 5 p.m. “family meal” for current and past employees, and donating 200 meals a week to hospitals. (This location, given its ongoing payroll, should qualify for stimulus money.)

After being served notice, though, Pride says he’s beginning to despair. “Here I am, I’ve got no money, and the only money that’s coming in is going to take care of people in need,” he says.

“I’m not naive enough to just say to my landlord ‘we can’t pay rent, you have to deal with it,’” he continues. “But there has to be [a rental agreement] that helps us run our business in a way that we can focus on being a good tenant for a long time.”

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.

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