Herndon, Va.-based Skience has announced an offering that gives financial services firms access to cloud-enabled data management.

The Data Consolidation and Replication Module transfers client data from vendors into a centralized repository that can be easily accessed and searched through Skience’s front end via a new Skience Query Tool.

The Data Consolidation and Replication Module also allows firms to feed the data directly into the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud without custom software or additional integrations. Skience adds that the new module can integrate with other CRM systems.

The solution purports to solve the issue of multiple streams of data coming from several outside providers, like third-party technology vendors, that can be difficult for advisors to find, integrate and use in the course of client service.

Skience says its new solution offers a single place where firms can view the entirety of client information efficiently and easily.

“Today’s wealth management firms have relationships with multiple providers, all of which have client data that could be leveraged to further unlock new opportunities,” said Marc Butler, Skience COO and president, in released comments. “Proper data management is foundational to executing on a true digital transformation strategy. While it’s common for firms to use outside providers for their data management needs, vendors are often limited in what they can deliver. Our Data Consolidation and Replication solution helps to solve this pain point, delivering comprehensive, highly customizable enterprise data management capabilities.”