Bachelor parties, especially, are skewing toward more adventurous themes, says Michelle Lang, president of party planning service Before the Knot.

She recently planned an outing at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee, where the guys went skeet shooting and fishing and rode ATVs. She’s also arranged axe-throwing and exotic car racing in Miami. Montana is a popular destination as well, Lang adds, for its horseback riding and hiking opportunities. She recommends staying at the Paws Up Resort outside Missoula.

“More actual, substantive trips,” is how Leah Weinberg, owner and creative director of Color Pop Events, sums it all up. She’s planned several nature-focused vacations in such places as Jackson Hole, Wyo., where attendees can ski and hike.

If none of those options sounds appealing, some couples are choosing to skip the prenuptial getaway altogether.

“I think that with age comes being a little more wise about money and not wanting to blow their money on a bachelorette party,” Weinburg says. “At this age, maybe they’re saving to put a down payment on a house.” 

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.

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