If that sounds like a hell of a lot of work—trust me, it was. But the truth is, it’s barely scratching the surface. 

The real work has been in redefining ourselves in the marketplace, aligning our resources and processes to more seamlessly fill the gaps in an advisor's business.

It’s been in rallying our teams around a common mission in a way that connects, inspires, and ensures every interaction with our customers, partners, and prospects reflects our common vision for a new standard of excellence in a provider relationship. 

And, it has been in the countless hours of brainstorming, strategy, coordination and more than just a few sleepless nights to make sure what the world sees as Orion’s new identity conveys the best-in-class experience we believe our companies deliver collectively and on their own.

That’s the real power of a brand. And it’s a lesson that has only been reinforced by the wild and deeply rewarding experience it has been to help redefine Orion.

So, if you take nothing else away from this article as you think about your business and your brand I hope it is this:

The next time you ask your marketing team to make something look pretty, remember the brand power that visual wields. Because, the reality is that if you're not thinking about the potential of your brand in this way you’re not thinking about your brand the right way.

Kelly Waltrich is chief marketing officer at Orion Advisor Solutions.

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