It used to be the norm for students to commute to campus or live in a dorm at a college or university to get a higher education. But no more. These days, anyone seeking to better themselves can attend class at some of the best online schools in the nation, all from the comfort and security of their own home, according to TheBestSchools, a website that helps students find the best college.

Getting an undergraduate or graduate degree online is convenient, flexible, and most importantly, less expensive when the overall cost does not include room and board or transportation to class, on top of paying an arm and a leg for tuition, says TheBestSchools. And students who need financial assistance can apply for many of the same financial aid options as on-campus students. 

There are several factors to consider before applying to the most name-recognizable online schools. For example, not all academic programs of study are designed as a one-size-fits-all. And the total cost of the online undergraduate or graduate degree could be just as costly at some schools as an on-campus education is at others. 

TheBestSchools identifies and ranks the best accredited online colleges and universities by awarding 20% of its weighted score for academic excellence; 20% for its online faculty’s scholarship; 15% for reputation; 5% for financial aid; 15% for range of degree programs; and 25% for strength of online instruction methodology.

Here, in ascending order, are the top 10 best online colleges and universities for 2020.

10. Ohio University – Athens, Ohio

Established in 1804, Ohio University is a public nonprofit university with a 64% graduation rate. It offers more than 65 online degrees and certificates through its eCampus, which includes 22 online certificates, 10 online bachelor’s degrees, 35 online master’s degrees, and one online doctorate. Average Net Price: $$$$ (out of five)