If you're looking to add breathtaking golf courses to your bucket list, a new ranking may be just what you're looking for.

Golfscape.com has compiled a list of 20 golf courses that it describes as "magical" places that should be visited at least once by avid golfers.

"These courses will not only spark your wanderlust but will also leave you dreaming of the unique golfing experiences that are just a flight ticket away," the website said.

The golf courses are notable both for their beauty, and the challenge they provide golfers, according to golfscape.com.

The following, in ascending order, are the top 10 golf courses on the list:

10. Cabot Cliffs

Cape Breton, Canada

The rugged beauty of Nova Scotia’s Cabot Cliffs makes it one of the best golf resorts in North America. Each of the resort’s 72 rooms and 36 golf holes offers a spectacular ocean view, and golfers wil experience the game as it was played hundreds of years ago.