A recent Oxford Economics study of well-being, found sleep is the largest factor contributing to well-being, followed by other health, lifestyle and economic factors.

Six of the top ten happiest states were in the Midwest, according to MagnifyMoney.

While some states rated highly in only one or two categories, those ranks diminished their overall ranking. Utah ranked first in lifestyle and prosperity, yet it only ranked at No. 4 overall due to being ranked at No. 21 in health.

MagnifyMoney examined each of the 50 states and ranked them based on health, lifestyle, and prosperity. Each state was then scored based on a “wellness” score out of 100.

These are the happiest states, in ascending order, based on their wellness score:


Exercise keeps 40.1 percent of Montanans with a health score ranked No. 9 in the study. Montana’s total score was 63.2/100.