Worried you might join the growing ranks of those left jobless by the Covid-19 recession? As a help, the website Student Loan Planner has researched which white-collar jobs are recession-resilient.

The personal finance website surveyed members of its community last month on the stability of their incomes as the Covid-19 forces states across the nation to shut down business activity. Student Loan Planner received more than 4,000 responses.

Travis Hornsby, who established Student Loan Planner in 2016 to help college graduates construct a plan to pay down their student loan debt, said the dental profession has been the hardest hit financially of any graduate level profession. Only 31% of dental professionals said their income had stayed the same, while 40% said their dental office has struggled to pay staff and 29% said their office was closing.

Other health-care workers, however, are having a better time coping, the survey found.

Here, in ascending order, are Student Loan Planner’s top 10 financially secure jobs of the coronavirus recession.

10. Teachers

Many teachers will not be receiving an apple from students with most schools closed during the pandemic, but most are still employed. Three-quarters (76%) of 170 surveyed K-12 teachers said they are still being paid under contract while instructing students on Zoom. But 18% said their income had fallen, and 5% said it had gone away completely.