What if I told you that everything you have been doing as a retirement planning professional is completely wrong, and in some case downright dangerous to your clients.

At first, you wouldn’t believe me. You’d have to deny it and label me an extremist. After all, you’re a highly trained and respected professional, and your business card, office walls, bank account, home and car can all prove that, which is exactly where the problem is

When people live and plan for what they can see, they end up putting too much value and emphasis on the wrong things. It’s what many professionals do themselves and transfer onto clients. 

Think about what traditional planning delivers to clients. They can see the charts and graphs, their account balance, and returns. However, they can’t see how their body and mind will change in retirement, or how:

• Their habits and patterns will be interrupted

• How more time with a spouse can be problematic if not planned for

• Downsizing or chasing their adult children across the country will impact their social well-being

• Loneliness, depression and even addiction can turn the best laid plans completely and abruptly on their head

Let me put it into context for you. What we see generally determines how we feel. It’s one reason why people go into retirement feeling positive and optimistic because they have been given the green light from their advisor who says, “Everything looks good.” As a result, their decision to retire feels good.

But feelings based on what we see are shallow and empty, and can quickly turn into a confusing situation.  It’s one reason I often hear new retirees say, “I thought everything was just right, but it feels all wrong.”

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