If Greenland were to gain independence, it could theoretically choose to forge a relationship with the U.S. Advocates of severing the Danish tie have touted 2021, the 300th anniversary of colonization, as a possible leave date. One argument in favor of independence has been that Greenland should have a closer association with North America, to which it is geographically nearer.

Worth Knowing About Greenland:
Greenland, in the north Atlantic ocean between Europe and America, has been a nexus of geopolitical tensions between the U.S., Russia, Canada, Denmark and Norway. All those nations have sought ownership of the natural resources near the North Pole.

In 2014, Denmark staked a claim to roughly 900,000 square kilometers of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean based on its geological link to Greenland, according to a survey conducted by Danish authorities.

More recently, China joined the scramble for territory by bidding for two airport construction jobs in Greenland. Last year, Denmark opted for joint funding with Greenland to prevent China getting control.

Greenland, which gets most of its income from fishing and related industries, had a gross domestic product of just over $2.7 billion in 2017, according to its statistics office. The island receives an annual subsidy of about $500 million from Denmark.

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.

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