1. Authentic diversity, inclusion, and equity engagement ensures that women are valued for their contributions. Recognizing the low percentage of female CFP professionals, firms should increase transparency with their recruitment and retention efforts.

2. Women in senior ranks signals the viability of career progression. Financial firms should closely evaluate the number of female partners and senior advisors, clearly define the promotion pathway, and constantly build the pipeline to ensure advancement in the industry.

3. Financial firms should adopt workplace provisions that promote universal flexibility. Women should not be compelled to request considerations that are applicable to any employee with personal obligations.

Katie Brewer

Founder and principal, Your Richest Life

Dallas, Texas

I’ve seen a lot of lip service, but not a lot of firms who want to do these things:

1. There are things that firms could be doing to make it a more family friendly industry in general that aren’t gender specific. Some of the big firms could have on-site day care, while smaller firms could be more flexible.

2. When I worked in a regional brokerage firm, I went to a Christmas Party in my first two weeks. I had not one, but three people walk up, totally ignore me and introduce themselves to my husband. I felt like I was in a time warp—but it was 2004.

3. It might take more effort than doing the usual: Proactively recruit women and minorities and institute mentoring programs. Firms can’t expect women to just show up.

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