RegentAtlantic’s webinar presenters vary, depending on the topic. Its chief investment officer, Christopher Cordaro, is the mainstay who guides every webinar. Masterson said the firm does two run-throughs for each webinar: The first covers the major points and who’s to cover what and whether slides will be needed; the second looks more like the actual webinar, and the firm’s marketing director, Tyrel Holston, sits in and provides feedback.

“It’s been a real team effort,” he said.

RegentAtlantic will likely revert to quarterly webinars after the world returns to normal. But its current spate of weekly shows will likely shape its future client communications.

“We’re still big on writing blogs and newsletters, but I think we will put video and audio more at the forefront as a way to communicate,” Masterson said. “It also hammers home the point that while the investment side is super important, people want to hear about other things like the qualitative and behavioral stuff. So the content might not be so investment focused every quarter.” 

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