Mann said “there is so much still left unsaid about his abuse” and pointed to “the wreckage Harvey Weinstein made of my life.” She asked the judge to recognize the trauma she has experienced, calling it “rape-induced paralysis.”

“Harvey had every advantage over me,” she said, citing his weight and strength. “Flight was not possible.”

Weinstein, in a blue suit, sat silently with his hands clasped in front of him.

“Harvey was the power over the powerless,” Mann said, adding that he went so far as to threaten her father “with an old-school Mafia beatdown.”

“My rape was preventable,” she said, noting the long history of abuse that prosecutors have detailed and saying Weinstein frequently paid off accusers and made them sign nondisclosure agreements.

Mann asked Burke to give Weinstein the maximum prison term, noting that a drunk driver can get five years.

“Harvey should be given a chance to be rehabilitated while he serves time for his crimes,” she said.

Prosecutor Asks Judge for the Maximum Sentence (10 a.m.)
Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi called for the maximum sentence and praised Weinstein’s accusers.

“Simply put, without these women and others willing to come forward, being 100% transparent and sacrificing their privacy and well-being, this matter would have never been undertaken and the defendant would never have been stopped,” she told the judge. “He led a life of crime, unchecked for decades.”

Haley, addressing the court, said Weinstein raped her.