Wells Fargo & Co. must offer 66 jobs to female and African-American applicants it rejected five years ago after the U.S. Department of Labor found the bank discriminated against them.

The company in 2014 discriminated against more than 2,300 candidates to be online customer service representatives and phone bankers in three U.S. cities, the Labor Department said in a statement Thursday. Wells Fargo must pay about $600,000 in back wages, benefits and interest to individuals, and offer jobs to original applicants as they open up.

The agency’s statement didn’t detail the hiring issues, and the bank didn’t admit liability. Wells Fargo agreed to revise its selection process and train hiring managers to eliminate the discriminatory practices. A Wells Fargo spokeswoman had no immediate comment.

Wells Fargo last month selected a new chief executive officer as part of its efforts to move past years of scandals that have eroded its brand and heaped on legal costs. Charlie Scharf starts in the top job on Monday.

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.